Manage how your calls are handled using our interactive services.

Number Manager is the market-leading portal for inbound call management, an intuitive and user friendly platform that makes advanced call routing technology simple in an extremely cost effective way.

What functionalities does Number Manager have?

The advanced features of Number Manager are available to every user of the platform. These features include:

Call Queuing

Hold callers in intelligent network queues, with options to have multiple queues in place. Tailor each queue with custom music, comfort messages, and queue position announcements, to create a bespoke queue solution for your business.

Instant Disaster Recovery

Preconfigure your disaster recovery settings and if disaster does strike, roll out your DR settings with the push of a button for total continuity of service.

Integrated Reporting Suite

The detailed integrated reporting suite allows users to track call stats and generate instant reports for call stats such as call locations.

Call Recording

Safely and securely record calls to be stored on the Number Manager platform. Calls can be stored for up to seven years and can be simply accessed through the online portal.

Ratio Call Plans & Hunt Groups

Share inbound call traffic proportionally across as many devices, groups or sites as required. Call ratios can be monitored and adjusted in real time to ensure no group is overwhelmed.

IVR Menus & Auto Attendant

Let callers redirect themselves with custom menu options, * i.e press 1 for sales, press 2 for customer care. Multiple levels can be set within an IVR Menu, each with custom audio and call routes.

Out Of Hours Settings

This option allows users to set custom preferences for call handling when they are out of the office or unavailable. Divert calls to alternate endpoints, to voicemail, or play an audio message.


Manage your call queues, set limits for each queue and make updates to your queues in real time with the wallboard feature of Number Manager.

Voicemail & Missed Call Alerts

Voicemails and Missed call alerts can be delivered via email to multiple agents.

Accessible through the web or via the Number Manager app, our platform hands total control over to the user, allowing them to set up and manage detailed call scenarios quickly and effectively.

By using a cloud-based system to manage calls, businesses are able to divert calls to multiple devices inside and outside of their local network. If the phones in your office were to go down, you can divert call traffic to other offices or mobile devices to ensure calls never go unanswered.

number manager

In-House Solution

Number Manager was built entirely in-house and remains under constant development for improvements and additional functionality by the dedicated technical teams at Invosys Business. If you ever need to speak to an expert in Number Manager, just pick up the phone to us.

Complete Control

As Number Manager is our own product, we control its road map for development, which we base around feedback from our existing customers. This also means that we are able to tailor Number Manager to our customers unique needs with bespoke solutions.

Robust And Reliable

Number Manager is a robust platform built on a resilient infrastructure across multiple data sites. As well as being built on a strong infrastructure, users can pre-configure their own disaster recovery settings so that if a disaster did ever strike, they would be able to rectify the situation with the push of a button.